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The quoted text below is from 2014. The story after is from an event I attended yesterday. Both help to illustrate how well a well-targeted, quality promo product can work for your organization.

“I Loooooove this pen! You’re right, this IS my favorite pen!!”

“Yep, I heard it again today. I hear it often, in fact. And the lady who said that loves it when I bring her a new pen.

It’s my favorite pen, too. Why am I telling you? What better way to keep you and your company, cause or organization “top of mind” than with something they LOVE? They’ll guard it, protect it, keep it with them wherever they go. Office mates will steal it, or try… People they loan it to won’t want to give it back. And believe me, they keep watch over it to make sure they do get it back.

So this nice woman has my pen, my contact information with her, pretty much wherever she goes. And when she needs something that’s in my wheelhouse, she is reminded that all she has to do is pull out her pen, and she’s got my number.

That’s what I do. I do my best to make sure your information is there when your people need you. And that they’re reminded of you over and over again. Whether you’re HP and someone’s looking for a printer, or you’re Home Depot and Joe Contractor needs to check inventory, or if you’re Lori, and Mary needs to make a hair appointment, your information is at the ready.”

So here’s what happened yesterday… When I attend events, I use this pen as my own promo item. I almost always tell the recipient that they’re receiving their favorite pen. Guaranteed. I have had numerous people see me weeks, months, years later, telling me that I was right, it truly IS their favorite. Of course, I give them another one, just in case they lose it.

So yesterday, at a Chamber luncheon meeting, one of the Chamber employees pulls me aside to tell me how he keeps his pen with him at all times, his Ted-pen. Even pulled it out of his pocket to show me he had it. He only uses my pen, and told me how he was recently at his desk and couldn’t find his Ted-pen. Gets up, starts walking around the office, sort of panicked, asking “Where’s my Ted-pen? Who has my Ted-pen?” Another employee told him just use any pen, but he said no, he only uses that pen. He was afraid he’d lost it.

He eventually did find it, and all is right with his world. So let’s get together, in person or over the phone and talk about your needs. I’ll bet we can find something that works so well for you too.
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By the way, that pen? It’s a uniball Jetstream. And I’ve got a great price for you on them! Drop me a line.



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