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I say that a lot. And the responses I often get are excellent.

“I know! You gave me one 2 years ago, and I still use it every day!!”

Those I’ve never met probably think I’m being a bit weird with my statement, but those who’ve received one in the past, usually respond like the above.

What better way to keep you and your company, cause or organization “top of mind” than with something they LOVE? They’ll guard it, protect it, keep it with them wherever they go. Office mates will steal it, or try… People they loan it to won’t want to give it back. And believe me, they keep watch over it to make sure they do get it back.

That’s what I do. I do my best to make sure your information is there when your people need you. And that they’re reminded of you over and over again.

I got a kick out of this – At a recent Chamber luncheon, one of the Chamber employees pulls me aside to tell me about his pen. He calls it his Ted-pen, and keeps it with him at all times. Even pulled it out of his pocket to show me he had it. He told me how he was recently at his desk and couldn’t find his treasured pen. Gets up, starts walking around the office, sort of panicked, asking “Where’s my Ted-pen? Who has my Ted-pen?” Another employee told him just use any pen, but no, he was afraid he’d lost it, or someone made off with it. He found it shortly after, but this goofy little story illustrates well how effective the right promotional product can be, and how important it is to buy quality products that represent you well.

Let’s get together, in person or over the phone and talk about your needs. I’ll bet we can find something that works so well for you too.
Until then, have a super day.

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