You see them everywhere!

Custom printed tote bags get your message to more prospects than anything else.

Picture this…

Michelle does her grocery shopping at her local bag-your-own supermarket. She pulls out her 5 reusable grocery totes featuring Temple Coffee’s logo and information on them, and begins packing her groceries. The woman at the next register sees this and says, “Boy, you really like Temple Coffee, don’t you?”

Michelle replies, “You bet I do – LOVE their coffee. Great place to sit and relax too – you should give them a try!” And the conversation continues from there. You know she’ll be using those bags again next week too. And the week after. And the week after.

This scenario illustrates just one reason why bags have become the #1 most effective promotional advertising item.

Here are a few more reasons:

  • Bags & totes generate more impressions than any other promotional product.
  • They’re NEEDED. The use of single use plastic bags has been banned in many cities and even entire states. No doubt more will follow.
  • Totes have universal appeal: Anyone can, and does, use them.
  • Totes show off your name and message: The decoration area on most bags is HUGE, gets noticed, and not only seen by your customer, but by many people around the user.
  • And they can be friendly, helpful, testimonial-laden conversation starters as illustrated above.
  • Endless options: materials, price points, features, and colors.
  • Some bags are giveaways, but not all. Many markets sell them, recouping the investment, providing FREE advertising for the market.
  • Totes given at trade shows and as gifts are seen often as well, and not just around the trade show hall. They’re seen well into the future as they’re used for many purposes.

Yes, or many businesses, your customers are willing to PAY to use your bag. To proudly display your logo, to promote your business. Add to that that they can be a conversation starter that leads to a convincing verbal testimony about your business. It’s an advertising value that’s tough to beat.

So let’s get started on some effective advertising with this special offer!

Shopping Bags, full color printed, all over, edge to edge. Grocery size 14x16 bags with a 5” bottom gusset.
5000 quantity, $3995 complete, FOB L.A.  (That’s just 80 cents each!)